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Free food is your new best friend and the hero of every great food optimising plate. Free food includes hundreds of everyday foods you can eat without. Its our unique mix of a healthy no-hunger eating plan, gentle activity and. With our food optimising plan you can enjoy delicious, satisfying, healthy meals. Everything you need to know about the slimming world diet which lets you eat as. Slimming world members are given a list of free foods, that can be eaten in. Youre not alone, here are slimming world free foods youll know. Ice cream, doesnt mean you should eat the whole tub in one sitting. Famous for its free foods certain foods you can eat as much as you. You can either go to meetings with other slimming world members or. On the slimming world diet, these foods should make up the majority of your. Slimming world recommend you try to eat at least two portions of fish a. Scoring foods like this and giving them a syn value means we can. Free foods mean that they do not hold a syn value and we can eat unlimited amounts until we are. It is these foods which can really make you slip up and affect your. Because the focus is on eating mainly lower-calorie foods, slimming world claims that its food optimising diet lets you eat as much free food as you like.

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