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This educational article gives an overview of the clinical research showing how red light therapy is an effective, natural strategy to aid weight loss, reduce fat and. Infrared light therapy has been advertised as a means for weight loss, but what evidence is there in support? This therapy might not help in the long run. Reduces appetite improved fat loss locally and systemically improved energy levels maintains lean tissue. I have been using red light therapy for anti-aging and weight loss for well over 10 years now. Red light helps improve skin tone and texture, control pigmentation. The light technology utilized in our infrared sculpt pods causes fat cells to. Light therapy may create other actions that affect fat and weight loss as well. Red light therapy and weight loss have been a primary argument between supporters and critics of red light therapy. No cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, is intended for weight loss. Fda approved treatments that use photonic lipolysisred light therapy include. Red light therapy can also help us lose more body fat because it creates pores in fat cells through which the stored triglycerides leak out. Researchers are finding that red light therapy treatments help cut fat and improve body tone in study after study. The idea of losing a couple of pounds seem to be on pretty much everyones mind these days.

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