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Hello everyone, in this video i am showing detox water to lose belly fat naturally. So if youre someone looking to lose weight and cut body fat this summer, detox waters may be great additions to your summer diet. Lemon and cucumber maintains your metabolism throughout the whole day. Quench your thirst, fight belly bloat, and nourish your metabolism with these slimming. Ingredients recipe blend everything except lemon in a blender for 10 15 seconds and pour this mix in a. While detox water isnt going to burn fat for you, it may help with a flatter belly and de-bloating. The home made detox water is easy to make as it needs only 4 main. Mint stimulates fat burning and helps eliminate toxins from the body. This slimming detox water is refreshing and sure makes it easy to increase. It has anti-inflammatory properties, can help with fat burning and even. Mint mint stimulates the digestive enzymes, soothes the belly and aids in.

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